This One’s for the Birds

Just kidding — it’s for Patrick.
Just kidding — it’s for EVERYONE!
Alright, kidding aside (for now). You might be wondering:

What Have the Veigas Been Up To?

How’s the new house? How’s the new job (Jen)? What ARE the cats doing!?

So please sit back, get comfortable and consider this your catch-up episode of “Keeping up with the KarVeigaians” or… something like that!

The House Update

The house is wonderful! It’s everything we wanted to find in a first home together. We’ve already discovered some quirks — like the leaky shower faucet that can be made (slightly) less leaky by completing an intricate dance with the shower head (it’s one of those ones that you can take off and make into a handheld–it came with the house!).

So the dance goes like this: Turn off the faucet, take the shower head down, hang it as far as it will go, turn the shower from shower to tub mode, let it drain, lift the shower head back to the holder, wait 1…2…3…, turn the shower from tub to shower mode. Boom! Less drips.

And we completed our first house project–took out some recycled tire that was in this little planted area, and re-planted the area with a garden! Let’s hope it grows, as I think we’re a little late to the planting season but who knows–maybe with enough sun and water something magical will begin to grow.

Yes, the spare bedroom, and the basement are still full of boxes. Yes, we have way too much stuff. Yes, eventually, everything will be unpacked. No, I don’t know when the house warming party is going to be yet. Yes, I’ll invite you.

The Life on the Town and J&M Social Skills Update

I think we picked a pretty darn good little city. It’s got a small-town-big-town feel to it. It’s busy, but small enough to walk  around to all the good stuff. We live close enough to get to downtown comfortably by foot or by bike. And people here have seemed really nice so far.

Thanks to a co-worker, we also now have a LONG list of exciting and fun things and places to explore! Plus some insider tips about town… Like apparently the post office here is kind of unreliable? That would make sense, considering some days we don’t even have junk mail…

We had friends come over to sit on our new furniture, and they said it was comfortable!

Also, last week we bought a lawn mower for $47 and got two six-packs of beer as a bonus! And potentially made a new social connection in the lady we bought it from. We needed a lawn mower, she was selling one for $50, we showed up and got to chatting, turns out she’s a rep for Sam Adam’s beer company, and gave us two “samples.” We only had $47 or $60 if she had change. She took the $47 while showing us pictures of her cat, and telling us about “Ladies’ Nights” at one of the local bars in town. So… we’ll see where that goes.

We spent the 4th of July holiday on a lake, like all good Michiganders do. 😉

The Commute Update

Yes, we are commuters now. Yes, it takes me about an hour to get to work. Yes, that is quite a bit longer than my other commute when I lived close to work. Well, I joined a vanpool thinking it will save money, time, and effort.

So far it is saving on effort for sure, time is remarkably about the same as when I drove myself to/from work with the park & ride method, money… well the jury is still out on that as to whether or not it’s actually saving money. Stay tuned.

Jen’s commute sounds great. About 35 minutes with little traffic. Woo-hoo! Way better than the hour and thirty+ minutes it was taking her! 🙂

The Job Update

And speaking of jobs!

Things for me at work bounce between crazy/unpredictable to oddly fine. It’s a long story. But basically the future of what my department will look like/be like is still up in the air. To be fair, it has been for the past two months, and nothing major has changed yet.

So… I’m just trying to weather the storm and hope for the best. And I stopped asking questions about when change-type-things will be determined because I’m like 70% alright with how things are now compared to what they could be. So… at this rate, this new stasis will probably last another year. And I’d probably be mostly okay with that.

I will ask Jen if she has any updates re: her new job.

  • Me: Hey, what do you want to tell the blog people about your new job?
  • Jen: I’m sorry?
  • Me: Like what should I write on the blog for the job update?
  • Jen: It’s good. Jen is enjoying her job and has her own desk and phone and keys and feels like a therapist and writes CTRS after her name.
  • Me: Anything else?
  • Jen: And she isn’t an assistant anymore. Ha. Ha-ha-ha.

The Allergy Update

Yup, still got ’em!

Jen has another esophogram next week to see if adding in corn and soy to her diet has changed anything. Hopefully the answer is that things are basically the same as the last esophogram result, meaning — she could be considered not allergic to corn or soy. If the eosinophil count has gone up — probably allergic to corn or soy. Which would be so sad.

The Menu Update

Okay, guys–seriously. If you’re gluten-free or wheat-free and you want some bread…

Oh my gosh, they make so many things all Gluten Free and all the things we’ve tried have been delicious so far. I highly recommend the Ciabatta Bread and the Pizza Crusts. We’ve made allergy-friendly pizza the past two weeks because it’s just been that great. Even I like it a lot and I don’t need to be gluten-free.

Also–a lot of their products also have no eggs and no dairy! So safe!

This week for dinners we made/are making: 

  • Pizza!
  • Brown rice spaghetti with (ciabatta) garlic bread
  • Tacos – because we love tacos
  • Lemon Broccoli Pasta – Link to Pinterest here! – last time we made it we also added some sauteed zucchini and yellow squash and it was super delicious. This time, I may have accidentally bought a cucumber instead of a zucchini…
  • Mexican Quinoa Bowls – Link to Pinterest here! – we now add ground turkey into the mix, and then put it with shredded lettuce. Yum!
  • I think I’m missing some other things but I forget at the moment and I’m feeling too lazy to go check our menu list. No new recipes this week though.

I’m going to take a minute now to revisit an old post re: menus.

This Week in Allergy-Free Eats

Scroll towards the bottom and stop at the “So… what’s for dinner THIS week?” heading. Read all the list. Did you read the one about the Vegan Lasagna? Okay, great!

Now don’t ever make it. 

Okay… It wasn’t TERRIBLE. But it was pretty darn bland. Our gluten-free lasagna noodles were a cook as you bake kind that didn’t really cook as they baked. And, let’s just be honest here–eating it was really NOT worth the time and effort it took to make it.

If you still feel like trying it out–maybe you can find a way to make it better. But this will not be a recipe we make again. It was forever weeks ago and I still don’t want to eat it again. Blech!

The Cats Update

All the lazy potatoes are settling in quite nicely.

(The cats are the lazy potatoes, not us!)

Also… our new town has a “Catfe” — which is a rescue shelter with tables and places to sit and drink coffee! Plus kittens and cats!

In Conclusion

We’ve been really busy, but a good busy. Life has been good to us, and we’re grateful to be living it and also so happy to be able to share our experiences with families and friends near and far. Whether it’s in-person, via facetime, from photos, phone calls, or texts–It’s awesome to live in a world where we can foster these connections no matter where on the planet our adventures find us!

This has been a (hopefully) informative episode of:

Keeping up with the Kar-Veigaians (or something like that)

To Be Continued . . .


2 thoughts on “This One’s for the Birds

  1. Entertaining episode of “Keeping up the with Kar-Veigaians.” Genuine laugh at:

    Yes, the spare bedroom, and the basement are still full of boxes. Yes, we have way too much stuff. Yes, eventually, everything will be unpacked. No, I don’t know when the house warming party is going to be yet. Yes, I’ll invite you.

    I’ll be waiting on my invite.


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