Running Thoughts

But… Why?

Tonight I went for a run in, ah… longer than I’d like to admit to.

I ran 2.5 miles and didn’t stop to walk and felt pretty alright about it all. It wasn’t far, but it’s a start!

Things like running, and cycling, and swimming (my three biggest sporting loves), always give me time to think. Space to decompress. To process. I always seem to find something to think about. And if I don’t, sometimes not thinking about anything except the task at hand can also be rewarding in it’s own way.

I’m not a fast runner. I’m not a fast swimmer. I’m a decent cyclist.

A few years ago, I was in great shape. I did a triathlon at least once a month from June-September, and placed in my age group often. But… I was also single. Didn’t have very many friends. Had a part-time job and 2 hours a day to devote to the gym. My life as a whole was not super fulfilling.

When I look at where I am now–Wonderful wife (plus cat-children). Great neighborhood. Good job. Solid friends. And I feel like I live a much more well-rounded and satisfying life these days.

It’s not about winning. It never has been. But sometimes I get caught up in the competitiveness of sports, in the comparisons of my times and abilities to someone else’s, and I forget the real reasons why these things matter to me.

So… What Are we Learning?

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How to Complete a DIY House Project

So, You’re a Homeowner!

Congrats! That’s super exciting. I, myself, am a first-time home owner. There’s something special in having a house, owning something that you get to take care of, and of course–being responsible for all your own home improvements!

In this day and age, DIY feels super feasible. We have the internet, after all! Plus there’s youtube, and HGTV… message boards, and even phone-a-friend options, too! It seems silly to pay a specialist in some situations where with a little time, elbow-grease, and patience–you can successfully Do-It-Yourself!

So… Something in Your House Needs Improving?

Great! You’ve come to the right place. This particular post refers more specifically to “How to Fix a Leaky Shower Faucet.” However, I feel a lot of this information will be universal for many DIY House Projects. I hope you find this information helpful to prepare you for  whatever your next DIY project might be!

How to Complete Your own DIY Home-Project:

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How to Make Friends (in a Post-25-Year-Old Life)

When I was very young, my first lesson in friendship came from my mom. She taught me that to make friends all you needed to do was say, “Hi, my name’s Meghan. Do you want to play with me? Do you want to be friends?” 

And you know what–It worked! (Most of the time)

But I find that as we get older, we start to realize that in order to make friends you have to be just a little more subtle… 😉

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This One’s for the Birds

Just kidding — it’s for Patrick.
Just kidding — it’s for EVERYONE!
Alright, kidding aside (for now). You might be wondering:

What Have the Veigas Been Up To?

How’s the new house? How’s the new job (Jen)? What ARE the cats doing!?

So please sit back, get comfortable and consider this your catch-up episode of “Keeping up with the KarVeigaians” or… something like that!

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We gonna be adultin’ now!

You may be wondering: Why the radio silence this week? Where’s my allergy-free menu? I NEED A PICTURE OF THE CATS! Or, just feeling a general lack of whatever presence you like to experience from this blog.

And you might be wondering. . . . .  WHY!?

So here’s your answer:

We bought ourselves a house!

And so we ‘gon be real adultin’ now.
Moving this week means:

  1. Packing
  2. Renting a moving truck
  3. Packing some more
  4. Giving away a lot of stuff
  5. Throwing away a lot of stuff
  6. Bribing our friends into carrying all our stuff
  7. Wondering ‘why the hell do we have this stuff?’ 
  8. And uh… Probably some more packing

The good news is though… by this time next week, we’ll be OFFICIALLY free of our apartment-life and starting to get used to living the house-life (and the commute-life).

Something about buying a house makes me feel reminiscent and thoughtful, so bear with me while we stroll down that road for a minute.

Here’s something you should know about me: buying a house is STRANGE to me. It feels like a huge commitment to me–bigger than getting married or wanting to have children.

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Jen Gets a Job!

Meghan always thinks that I will never write a post. So here I am.

I got a new job! My DREAM job. Substance abuse, mental health and children’s recreational therapy. A free standing facility dedicated just to that. I cannot wait to start.

And we move next weekend, and it’s her birthday, and she has no idea what’s coming her way!


This Week in Allergy-Free Eats

Yes, we are allergy-free! Thanks for asking. 🙂

Approximately 10 months ago, Jen was diagnosed with a chronic, immune system disease called Eosinophilic Esophagitis.

What is Eosinophilic Esophagitis?

Also called EoE, it is basically that in reaction to certain foods or other allergens, the immune system attacks the esophagus and builds up a type of white blood cells (called eosinophils) in the lining there.

The eosinophils produce a protein that causes inflammation. This can lead to scarring, along with a narrowing and a formation of excessive fibrous tissue in the lining of your esophagus. All this can make it difficult to swallow or cause food to get stuck. No good!

There isn’t a cure for this–but through eliminating certain foods from your diet, and endoscopy testing with biopsies… you can eventually find out what you’re actually allergic to–and then avoid that.

It’s more commonly diagnosed in children than in adults, but it’s slowly becoming more recognizable in adults who were previously diagnosed with some other upper Gastrointestinal disorder.

Here’s more information from The Mayo Clinic on EoE:
Diseases and Conditions: Eosinophilic Esophagitis

So after 27 years of having no idea she had food allergies… Surprise!

Where We’re At:

As a family, we have eliminated certain foods from our diet at home and don’t eat out hardly as much as we used to (which, I think has actually been a positive side-effect for our personal nutrition).

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So what’s the deal?

Hello! And welcome to our blog.

I will say that this is not the first blog I’ve ever started, but perhaps it will be one of the last… since in the creation of this one, I hope to use this little corner of the world for

discussing / writing / reflecting / teaching / learning / capturing

whatever life brings from here forward, and starting new chapters as we go along.

In the past, I’ve found post-writing to be an interesting space to attempt to connect with others, and to reflect on life-happenings. Even when there’s only a few other people reading, it’s still made me consider more carefully what to share and how to present it, since it is–after all–a public thing.

It’s also been kind of neat to read back on old posts and think about what was happening in life at that point in time, to self-reflect again, and to see what is different (or not so different) between that time and present life.

Although, this space will be for myself (and maybe Jen if I can convince her to write a post here and there) to chronicle select pieces of our life, ideally… I also really hope to connect with others. Whether you’re…

  • A family member
  • A friend
  • An acquaintance
  • Another blogger who can share in experiences and/or challenge me to see things from a different perspective
  • or simply a random someone who stumbled here and found something worth reading

… I want to hear from you! I encourage you to interact–write to us in comments, contact us via our contact page, share your stories, link me to your blog, etc., etc..

So what exactly might I read about in this blog, anyway? You ask.

Well… in general, I’m hoping to capture life from nothing to everything, and whatever happens in between. Maybe:

  • random adventures
  • thoughts
  • how-to’s
  • projects
  • allergy-friendly recipes
  • life happenings
  • whatever weird thing our cat just did
  • current events

… the possibilities are endless, and I really can’t say exactly what this blog will entail! But maybe you’ll stick around and find out?