We gonna be adultin’ now!

You may be wondering: Why the radio silence this week? Where’s my allergy-free menu? I NEED A PICTURE OF THE CATS! Or, just feeling a general lack of whatever presence you like to experience from this blog.

And you might be wondering. . . . .  WHY!?

So here’s your answer:

We bought ourselves a house!

And so we ‘gon be real adultin’ now.
Moving this week means:

  1. Packing
  2. Renting a moving truck
  3. Packing some more
  4. Giving away a lot of stuff
  5. Throwing away a lot of stuff
  6. Bribing our friends into carrying all our stuff
  7. Wondering ‘why the hell do we have this stuff?’ 
  8. And uh… Probably some more packing

The good news is though… by this time next week, we’ll be OFFICIALLY free of our apartment-life and starting to get used to living the house-life (and the commute-life).

Something about buying a house makes me feel reminiscent and thoughtful, so bear with me while we stroll down that road for a minute.

Here’s something you should know about me: buying a house is STRANGE to me. It feels like a huge commitment to me–bigger than getting married or wanting to have children.

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