I’d Tell You to go to Hell (if I Could Find the Words to be Polite)

I’m having some unnatural-to-me interpersonal struggles here. Let me tell you why…

But first… I must digress…

When I was younger, I used to come home from school and occasionally complain to my mom about various kids in my class who were annoying to me. I used to get so frustrated at all the annoying little personality quirks, weird things they did, strange things they said, etc.

My mom would tell me that I just needed to learn to deal with it. Because one day… I’d be in the real world, and I’d have to interact with all kinds of people in all kinds of places. And sometimes… that would be people who I didn’t like, or found annoying, or whatever-your-evil-might-be.

“That’s life.”

She’d tell me.

But as I grew up, I found that I generally and genuinely likemost people. And even the ones I didn’t… I still seemed to find ways to deal with it and make things work without much to-do.

And as I got older… I learned that I actually really liked people in general. And I could appreciate their differences, their quirks, and their perspectives.

I found that most people seemed to like me, too.

Don’t worry.

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How to Complete a DIY House Project

So, You’re a Homeowner!

Congrats! That’s super exciting. I, myself, am a first-time home owner. There’s something special in having a house, owning something that you get to take care of, and of course–being responsible for all your own home improvements!

In this day and age, DIY feels super feasible. We have the internet, after all! Plus there’s youtube, and HGTV… message boards, and even phone-a-friend options, too! It seems silly to pay a specialist in some situations where with a little time, elbow-grease, and patience–you can successfully Do-It-Yourself!

So… Something in Your House Needs Improving?

Great! You’ve come to the right place. This particular post refers more specifically to “How to Fix a Leaky Shower Faucet.” However, I feel a lot of this information will be universal for many DIY House Projects. I hope you find this information helpful to prepare you for  whatever your next DIY project might be!

How to Complete Your own DIY Home-Project:

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This One’s for the Birds

Just kidding — it’s for Patrick.
Just kidding — it’s for EVERYONE!
Alright, kidding aside (for now). You might be wondering:

What Have the Veigas Been Up To?

How’s the new house? How’s the new job (Jen)? What ARE the cats doing!?

So please sit back, get comfortable and consider this your catch-up episode of “Keeping up with the KarVeigaians” or… something like that!

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