Here, There is Love. Here, There Will Always Be.

To my little one–

In three short months, this is what you’ve taught me about love (so far):

Love isn’t hard.

It’s natural, and simple, and somehow ingrained in us if we’re soft hearted and open minded.

Still, there are things about the act of loving that are hard: understanding the need and how it’s expressed; giving it without expecting it in return; realizing that sometimes it’s exhausting and testing to love unconditionally, and then feeling guilty for thinking so after all you’ve already been through.

Love is only moments long.

We just don’t know how many days we have left to love someone while they’re with us. We never do for anyone. But especially for you. It’s a heartbreaking and beautiful reminder for how we should always love others: like there’s no tomorrow; like you have to squeeze a lifetime of it into time that’s too-short, just in case.

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So You Want to be a Parent?

But… Where to Begin?

I struggle sometimes to find the words to describe the simultaneous feelings I have about this subject. Those being: wanting to be a parent, yet not wanting to physically birth children, and the fact that I’m quite happily a married woman in a same-sex relationship.

I’ve known all three of these things for a long time. From an early age, I knew I wanted to have kids and a family. I was probably around 13 or so when I began to realize there was something just “different” about me in the way I thought about boys, girls, and relationships. And I was sitting in 9th grade health class when I realized childbirth? Was maybe–most likely–not for me.

So, yeah.

I want to be a parent. I feel like I have a lot of love to give to a child and the desire to help bring up a little good in the world. But these things conflict from time-to-time, don’t they? Not to mention my latest fears of not being “parenty” enough to be a parent… Or (for that matter) adult enough to be an adult. But here we are… Adulting (somehow). And maybe just figuring it out as we go. And maybe parenting is a bit the same way.

As my sister told me recently: “[Being a parent] is kind of like being a professional person. Sometimes at work I’m like I cried yesterday because I ran out of cake but let me help you with your problems!”

Maybe there’s some truth to that. It made sense to me. Because, let’s be real, how are we supposed to be a parents when our own lives have the potential to cause these mini-breakdowns every so often?? It’s the same story as being a real-life adult. Sometimes you just do it, and sometimes you cry because you ran out of cake, or because tomorrow’s Monday and you just don’t wanna. But somehow it all works out. Mostly.

Fears Aside…

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This One’s for the Birds

Just kidding — it’s for Patrick.
Just kidding — it’s for EVERYONE!
Alright, kidding aside (for now). You might be wondering:

What Have the Veigas Been Up To?

How’s the new house? How’s the new job (Jen)? What ARE the cats doing!?

So please sit back, get comfortable and consider this your catch-up episode of “Keeping up with the KarVeigaians” or… something like that!

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This Week in Allergy-Free Eats

Yes, we are allergy-free! Thanks for asking. 🙂

Approximately 10 months ago, Jen was diagnosed with a chronic, immune system disease called Eosinophilic Esophagitis.

What is Eosinophilic Esophagitis?

Also called EoE, it is basically that in reaction to certain foods or other allergens, the immune system attacks the esophagus and builds up a type of white blood cells (called eosinophils) in the lining there.

The eosinophils produce a protein that causes inflammation. This can lead to scarring, along with a narrowing and a formation of excessive fibrous tissue in the lining of your esophagus. All this can make it difficult to swallow or cause food to get stuck. No good!

There isn’t a cure for this–but through eliminating certain foods from your diet, and endoscopy testing with biopsies… you can eventually find out what you’re actually allergic to–and then avoid that.

It’s more commonly diagnosed in children than in adults, but it’s slowly becoming more recognizable in adults who were previously diagnosed with some other upper Gastrointestinal disorder.

Here’s more information from The Mayo Clinic on EoE:
Diseases and Conditions: Eosinophilic Esophagitis

So after 27 years of having no idea she had food allergies… Surprise!

Where We’re At:

As a family, we have eliminated certain foods from our diet at home and don’t eat out hardly as much as we used to (which, I think has actually been a positive side-effect for our personal nutrition).

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So what’s the deal?

Hello! And welcome to our blog.

I will say that this is not the first blog I’ve ever started, but perhaps it will be one of the last… since in the creation of this one, I hope to use this little corner of the world for

discussing / writing / reflecting / teaching / learning / capturing

whatever life brings from here forward, and starting new chapters as we go along.

In the past, I’ve found post-writing to be an interesting space to attempt to connect with others, and to reflect on life-happenings. Even when there’s only a few other people reading, it’s still made me consider more carefully what to share and how to present it, since it is–after all–a public thing.

It’s also been kind of neat to read back on old posts and think about what was happening in life at that point in time, to self-reflect again, and to see what is different (or not so different) between that time and present life.

Although, this space will be for myself (and maybe Jen if I can convince her to write a post here and there) to chronicle select pieces of our life, ideally… I also really hope to connect with others. Whether you’re…

  • A family member
  • A friend
  • An acquaintance
  • Another blogger who can share in experiences and/or challenge me to see things from a different perspective
  • or simply a random someone who stumbled here and found something worth reading

… I want to hear from you! I encourage you to interact–write to us in comments, contact us via our contact page, share your stories, link me to your blog, etc., etc..

So what exactly might I read about in this blog, anyway? You ask.

Well… in general, I’m hoping to capture life from nothing to everything, and whatever happens in between. Maybe:

  • random adventures
  • thoughts
  • how-to’s
  • projects
  • allergy-friendly recipes
  • life happenings
  • whatever weird thing our cat just did
  • current events

… the possibilities are endless, and I really can’t say exactly what this blog will entail! But maybe you’ll stick around and find out?