So what’s the deal?

Hello! And welcome to our blog.

I will say that this is not the first blog I’ve ever started, but perhaps it will be one of the last… since in the creation of this one, I hope to use this little corner of the world for

discussing / writing / reflecting / teaching / learning / capturing

whatever life brings from here forward, and starting new chapters as we go along.

In the past, I’ve found post-writing to be an interesting space to attempt to connect with others, and to reflect on life-happenings. Even when there’s only a few other people reading, it’s still made me consider more carefully what to share and how to present it, since it is–after all–a public thing.

It’s also been kind of neat to read back on old posts and think about what was happening in life at that point in time, to self-reflect again, and to see what is different (or not so different) between that time and present life.

Although, this space will be for myself (and maybe Jen if I can convince her to write a post here and there) to chronicle select pieces of our life, ideally… I also really hope to connect with others. Whether you’re…

  • A family member
  • A friend
  • An acquaintance
  • Another blogger who can share in experiences and/or challenge me to see things from a different perspective
  • or simply a random someone who stumbled here and found something worth reading

… I want to hear from you! I encourage you to interact–write to us in comments, contact us via our contact page, share your stories, link me to your blog, etc., etc..

So what exactly might I read about in this blog, anyway? You ask.

Well… in general, I’m hoping to capture life from nothing to everything, and whatever happens in between. Maybe:

  • random adventures
  • thoughts
  • how-to’s
  • projects
  • allergy-friendly recipes
  • life happenings
  • whatever weird thing our cat just did
  • current events

… the possibilities are endless, and I really can’t say exactly what this blog will entail! But maybe you’ll stick around and find out?